Luke Beard

I am a designer & core team member at Zerply

I design and sell prints & posters

I'm at places like Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Dribbble, Tumblr and also not so cliché places like Gimmie Bar & Letterboxd.

Some things I work on

  • Writing about stuff

    I've been trying to get in to writing about what I actually do and the industry I work in.

  • A Lyric a Day

    An on going art and typography experiment creating visuals for lyrics of my favourite songs.

  • #NowPlaying

    A simple music blog to posts tracks I'm enjoying.

  • Lkbrd

    Photo journal from my iPhone and 550D.

  • Waves Theme

    I designed a WordPress theme for the guys at Obox.

  • Gathering

    An old inspiration/mood board blog. DEAD PROJECT

Get a hold of me

The quickest way to get hold of me is to tweet at me. You can send an email to if you want or add moi on Skype lukesbeardrules.

If you are going to email me about my availability make sure your idea/project is actual badass. Like bears with sharks on their heads hanging out with Slayer awesome. I will always take a look.

I'm currently living in Cheltenham, United Kingdom with my wonderful girlfriend who runs a vintage clothing store. If you want to hang out and talk nerdy/geeky stuff drop me a line and we can get a drink or something.